About Us

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Oak Hills High School graduates carry the tradition of excellence with them throughout life - in their places of work and through community involvement. As one of over 30,000 graduates, there are many opportunities for you to get involved, stay connected and support the tradition that lives inside all of us.

Our History

The Foundation was founded in September 1996 and has since funded hundreds of projects in the areas of literature, math, science, performing and visual arts and technology as well as provide support for community outreach efforts. We feel projects which enhance classroom learning are vital to the success of Oak Hills students.

The first officers of the Foundation included:

Steve Brinker, President
Jack Hoeting. Vice President
Dan Herche, Treasurer
Jill Haft, Secretary

The original mission of the Foundation was "to promote and advance educational excellence in all of its phases in the Oak Hills Local School District of Hamilton County, Ohio." During the first board meeting, July 24, 1997, the mission was changed to read, "to promote and advance educational excellence and lifelong learning through the public schools of the Oak Hills Local School District or any successor thereto.”

The stated purpose of this non-profit organization was to promote excellence in Oak Hills Schools and collaboratively with non public schools in the Oak Hills District, so that all children have the best education possible. And, to provide educational opportunities not currently available to those residing in the Oak Hills Local School District, regardless of public or private school affiliation.

Community members of the first Oak Hills Educational Foundation were:

  • Ted Price
  • Rosemary Schlacter
  • Ron Davis
  • Steve Brinker
  • Patti Brenneman
  • Tom Gerdes
  • Jack Pollock
  • Kathy Davis
  • Brett Goodson
  • Maryanne McGowan

In 2012 The Oak Hills Alumni Association merged with the Foundation a new entity was born, the organization we know today as the Oak Hills Alumni & Educational Foundation. Our board of trustees is comprised of both Oak Hills graduates and community members.

We are pleased to financially support after-school book clubs, science fairs, field trips, musicals, murals, facility enhancements, service projects and equipment needs for our students and classrooms that aren’t covered by curriculum or tax dollars.